About Integrator

Integrator is a tool for continuous integration. It supports a wide variety of programming languages/platforms and version control systems. When a change in a source code repository is detected it is building a project. Next step is to create reports and publish them according to the configuration. It has a lot of options for reporting, including XML, HTML and Velocity templates. Reports and artifacts can be published by e-mail, RSS, web server (HTML) and others. It can be viewed by a GUI which is bundled with Integrator. Integrator GUI is a Java-based application, but it is only a thin client which is using reports/artifacts produced by Integrator server. Integrator can also be managed by custom GUI, because it has a built-in support for JMX (XML-RPC and Webservices in the future). Thanks to this the viewer can be written in any modern programming language and/or embedded in other application (not only web-based). Integrator GUI is just an example of this.

Integrator is written in Java SE with usage of XML, JMX, Velocity. It requires Java version 5.0 or newer.

Integrator GUI is written in Java EE. It uses JSP, JSTL, XML, JMX. It requires a servlet container. Tomcat 5.x or newer is recommended.

GUI (as well as this site) uses Dynamic Drive CSS Library.